Who Is the Fastest Pokemon

Who Is the Fastest Pokemon

Who Is the Fastest Pokemon?

Pokemon, the beloved franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori, has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. With over 800 unique species of Pokemon, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics, there is always a debate among fans about which Pokemon is the fastest. In this article, we will explore the contenders for the title of the fastest Pokemon and delve into the factors that contribute to their speed.

The Need for Speed

Speed is a crucial attribute in the world of Pokemon battles. A Pokemon with high speed can outmaneuver its opponents, strike first, and potentially secure victory before the opponent has a chance to react. Speed determines the order in which Pokemon attack during battles, making it a highly sought-after attribute for trainers.

The Contenders

Several Pokemon have been recognized for their exceptional speed. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top contenders:

Deoxys (Speed Forme)

Deoxys, a Psychic-type Pokemon, has a unique ability to change forms. In its Speed Forme, Deoxys boasts an incredible base speed stat of 180, making it one of the fastest Pokemon in existence. With its lightning-fast speed, Deoxys can easily outpace most opponents and strike first in battles.


Ninjask, a Bug/Flying-type Pokemon, is known for its incredible speed. With a base speed stat of 160, Ninjask can outspeed almost any opponent. Its ability, Speed Boost, further enhances its speed by increasing it after each turn. This makes Ninjask a formidable opponent that can quickly overwhelm its adversaries.


Electrode, an Electric-type Pokemon, is another contender for the title of the fastest Pokemon. With a base speed stat of 150, Electrode can zip across the battlefield with ease. Its ability, Volt Absorb, allows it to heal itself when hit by Electric-type moves, making it a versatile and speedy Pokemon.


Accelgor, a Bug-type Pokemon introduced in the fifth generation, is known for its incredible speed. With a base speed stat of 145, Accelgor can outpace many opponents. Its ability, Unburden, doubles its speed when it consumes its held item, allowing it to reach even greater speeds. Accelgor’s speed and agility make it a formidable opponent in battles.

Factors Affecting Speed

While base speed stats play a significant role in determining a Pokemon’s speed, several other factors can influence their overall speed in battles. These factors include:

  • Nature: Each Pokemon has a nature that can increase or decrease certain stats, including speed. A Pokemon with a nature that boosts speed will have an advantage in terms of speed.
  • Effort Values (EVs): Trainers can train their Pokemon to increase specific stats through EV training. By focusing on speed EVs, trainers can further enhance their Pokemon’s speed.
  • Moves and Abilities: Some moves and abilities can increase a Pokemon’s speed temporarily or decrease the opponent’s speed. These strategic choices can give a Pokemon an edge in battles.
  • Items: Certain held items can boost a Pokemon’s speed or provide other speed-related benefits. Trainers can equip their Pokemon with these items to enhance their speed.

The Need for Balance

While speed is undoubtedly an essential attribute in Pokemon battles, it is crucial to remember that a well-rounded team requires a balance of various attributes. A team composed solely of fast Pokemon may lack defensive capabilities or offensive power. Trainers must consider the overall strategy and synergy of their team to achieve success in battles.


While several Pokemon can claim the title of the fastest, Deoxys (Speed Forme), Ninjask, Electrode, and Accelgor stand out as some of the top contenders. Their exceptional speed, combined with strategic moves and abilities, make them formidable opponents in battles. However, it is essential to remember that speed is just one aspect of a well-rounded team. Trainers must consider the overall balance and strategy of their team to achieve victory in the world of Pokemon battles.

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