Who Is the Fastest Pokemon

Who Is the Fastest Pokemon

Pokemon, the beloved franchise that has captured the hearts of millions around the world, is known for its diverse range of creatures with unique abilities. One of the most intriguing aspects of Pokemon battles is the speed stat, which determines the order in which Pokemon attack. In this article, we will explore the question: Who is the fastest Pokemon?

The Importance of Speed in Pokemon Battles

In Pokemon battles, speed plays a crucial role in determining the outcome. The faster Pokemon will typically attack first, giving them an advantage in dealing damage or setting up strategies. Speed can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat, making it a highly sought-after attribute for trainers.

Factors Affecting Speed

Several factors contribute to a Pokemon’s speed stat:

  • Base Speed: Each Pokemon has a base speed stat, which is determined by its species. Some Pokemon naturally have higher base speeds than others.
  • Individual Values (IVs): IVs are hidden values that vary from Pokemon to Pokemon. They can range from 0 to 31 and affect a Pokemon’s stats, including speed.
  • Effort Values (EVs): EVs are earned through battles and training. By strategically allocating EVs, trainers can further enhance a Pokemon’s speed.
  • Nature: A Pokemon’s nature can increase or decrease its speed stat. For example, a Pokemon with a “Timid” nature will have increased speed but decreased attack.
  • Moves and Abilities: Certain moves and abilities can directly affect a Pokemon’s speed during battles. For instance, the move “Agility” sharply increases a Pokemon’s speed for that turn.

The Fastest Pokemon

Now, let’s dive into the contenders for the title of the fastest Pokemon:

1. Deoxys (Speed Forme)

Deoxys, a legendary Psychic-type Pokemon, takes the crown as the fastest Pokemon in its Speed Forme. With a base speed stat of 180, Deoxys outpaces all other Pokemon. Its incredible speed allows it to strike first and potentially take down opponents before they have a chance to react.

2. Ninjask

Ninjask, a Bug/Flying-type Pokemon, boasts an impressive base speed stat of 160. It is known for its incredible agility and swift movements. Ninjask’s ability, “Speed Boost,” further enhances its speed by raising it at the end of each turn. This combination makes Ninjask a formidable opponent in battles.

3. Mega Alakazam

Mega Alakazam, the evolved form of Alakazam, is another contender for the title of the fastest Pokemon. With a base speed stat of 150, Mega Alakazam can outspeed many opponents. Its high speed allows it to quickly launch powerful Psychic-type attacks, making it a force to be reckoned with.

4. Electrode

Electrode, an Electric-type Pokemon resembling a Poke Ball, surprises many with its exceptional speed. With a base speed stat of 150, Electrode can often catch opponents off guard. Its move “Explosion” is notorious for its devastating power when used by a fast Electrode.

5. Accelgor

Accelgor, a Bug-type Pokemon introduced in the fifth generation, is known for its incredible speed. With a base speed stat of 145, Accelgor can outpace many opponents. Its ability, “Unburden,” doubles its speed when it consumes its held item, allowing it to strike swiftly and efficiently.


Speed is a crucial attribute in Pokemon battles, and having a fast Pokemon can give trainers a significant advantage. Deoxys (Speed Forme), Ninjask, Mega Alakazam, Electrode, and Accelgor are among the fastest Pokemon in the franchise. Their exceptional speed allows them to strike first and potentially dominate battles.

Trainers looking to build a competitive team should consider incorporating these speedy Pokemon into their lineup. However, it’s important to remember that speed is just one aspect of a successful battle strategy. Trainers must also consider type matchups, move sets, and overall team synergy to achieve victory.

So, the next time you engage in a Pokemon battle, keep an eye out for these lightning-fast creatures. Their speed may just be the key to your triumph!

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