How to Use Cut in Pokemon Red

How to Use Cut in Pokemon Red

How to Use Cut in Pokemon Red

Pokemon Red, released in 1996, was the game that started it all. As a trainer, you embark on a journey to become the ultimate Pokemon Master. Along the way, you encounter various obstacles and puzzles that require the use of special abilities, such as Cut. In this article, we will explore how to effectively use Cut in Pokemon Red, providing valuable insights and strategies to help you progress in the game.

Understanding Cut

Cut is a move that can be taught to certain Pokemon, allowing them to cut down small trees and clear paths. It is a Normal-type move with a base power of 50 and an accuracy of 95%. In Pokemon Red, Cut is not only a useful move in battles but also a key ability required to navigate through the game’s world.

Obtaining Cut

To obtain Cut in Pokemon Red, you need to acquire the HM01 (Hidden Machine 01). HM01 is given to you by the captain of the S.S. Anne after you help him recover from seasickness. Once you have HM01, you can teach it to one of your Pokemon that is capable of learning the move.

Teaching Cut to a Pokemon

Before you can use Cut, you need to teach it to a Pokemon in your party. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Pokemon menu and select the Pokemon you want to teach Cut.
  2. Choose the “TM/HM” option.
  3. Select HM01 from your inventory.
  4. Choose the option to teach HM01 to your selected Pokemon.

Once you have successfully taught Cut to a Pokemon, you can use it both in and out of battle.

Using Cut in Battle

In battles, Cut can be a valuable move to have in your Pokemon’s arsenal. It has a base power of 50, making it a decent offensive move. However, its true usefulness lies in its ability to inflict a critical hit more often than other moves. This makes it a reliable move to deal significant damage to your opponents.

When using Cut in battle, consider the following strategies:

  • Take advantage of type matchups: Cut is a Normal-type move, which means it is not super effective against any specific type. However, it is still a reliable move to use against a wide range of opponents.
  • Combine with stat-boosting moves: Use moves like Swords Dance or Focus Energy to increase your Pokemon’s critical hit ratio before using Cut. This will maximize the damage dealt by the move.
  • Consider the move’s accuracy: While Cut has a high accuracy of 95%, there is still a chance for it to miss. Be mindful of this when planning your battle strategies.

Using Cut Outside of Battle

Outside of battle, Cut is primarily used to clear paths blocked by small trees. These trees can be found throughout the game’s world, obstructing your progress. To use Cut outside of battle, follow these steps:

  1. Approach a small tree blocking your path.
  2. Select the Pokemon in your party that knows Cut.
  3. Choose the option to use Cut.

Your Pokemon will then use Cut to remove the tree, allowing you to continue on your journey.

Key Locations Where Cut is Required

There are several key locations in Pokemon Red where the use of Cut is necessary to progress:

  • Viridian City: Cut is required to access the Viridian Forest, a crucial area for training and capturing Pokemon.
  • S.S. Anne: Cut is needed to reach the captain and obtain HM01.
  • Celadon City: Cut is necessary to enter the Celadon City Gym and challenge the Gym Leader, Erika.
  • Fuchsia City: Cut is required to access the Safari Zone, where you can catch rare Pokemon.


Using Cut effectively in Pokemon Red is essential to progress through the game. By obtaining HM01 and teaching it to a Pokemon in your party, you gain the ability to cut down small trees and clear paths. In battles, Cut can be a reliable move to deal significant damage, especially when combined with stat-boosting moves. Outside of battle, Cut is necessary to access key locations and continue your journey as a Pokemon Trainer. Mastering the use of Cut will greatly enhance your gameplay experience in Pokemon Red.

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