How to Get Surf in Pokemon Emerald

How to Get Surf in Pokemon Emerald

How to Get Surf in Pokemon Emerald

Are you ready to explore the vast oceans of the Hoenn region in Pokemon Emerald? If so, you’ll need the Surf ability to navigate the waters and discover hidden treasures. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of obtaining Surf, so you can dive into the exciting world of water-based Pokemon battles and exploration. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Defeat the Petalburg Gym

The first step in obtaining Surf is to defeat the Petalburg Gym, which is led by the Gym Leader Norman. Norman specializes in Normal-type Pokemon, so make sure you have a team of strong Pokemon with type advantages. Once you defeat Norman and earn the Balance Badge, you’ll be one step closer to obtaining Surf.

Step 2: Obtain the HM03 Surf

After defeating Norman, head to Wally’s house in Petalburg City. Wally is a young trainer who helped you catch your first Pokemon at the beginning of the game. Speak to Wally’s father, who will give you the HM03 Surf as a reward for helping Wally on his journey. HM03 is a Hidden Machine that contains the Surf ability, allowing your Pokemon to travel across bodies of water.

Step 3: Teach Surf to a Pokemon

Now that you have obtained the HM03 Surf, it’s time to teach it to one of your Pokemon. Open your Pokemon menu and select a Pokemon that is capable of learning Surf. Water-type Pokemon are the most suitable candidates for learning Surf, but there are also other Pokemon of different types that can learn this move.

Once you have chosen the Pokemon, select the “HM” option and choose to teach Surf to your selected Pokemon. Keep in mind that once a Pokemon learns Surf, it cannot be unlearned without the help of a Move Deleter, so choose wisely.

Step 4: Test Surf in Battle

Now that you have taught Surf to one of your Pokemon, it’s time to test it out in battle. Find a body of water, such as a lake or an ocean, and approach it with your Surf-equipped Pokemon in your party. Interact with the water, and your Pokemon will automatically use Surf to navigate across it.

During battles, Surf is a powerful Water-type move that can deal damage to your opponents. It has a base power of 95 and can hit multiple targets in Double Battles. Take advantage of Surf’s strength and use it strategically to defeat your opponents and progress in your journey.

Step 5: Explore the Water Routes

With Surf in your arsenal, a whole new world of exploration opens up to you. There are numerous water routes and hidden areas that can only be accessed by using Surf. These areas often contain rare Pokemon, valuable items, and even legendary Pokemon.

Make sure to explore every nook and cranny of the Hoenn region’s water routes to maximize your chances of encountering unique Pokemon and discovering hidden treasures. Use Surf to reach islands, dive underwater, and uncover the secrets that await you beneath the surface.


Obtaining Surf in Pokemon Emerald is a crucial step in your journey to become a Pokemon Master. By defeating the Petalburg Gym, obtaining the HM03 Surf, teaching it to a suitable Pokemon, and exploring the water routes, you’ll unlock a whole new world of adventure and opportunities.

Remember to strategize and use Surf wisely in battles, as it can be a powerful tool to defeat your opponents. With Surf, you’ll be able to navigate the vast oceans of the Hoenn region and uncover hidden treasures that will aid you on your quest.

So, dive into the world of Pokemon Emerald, and let Surf be your guide to new discoveries and thrilling battles!

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