How to Get More Revives in Pokemon Go

How to Get More Revives in Pokemon Go

How to Get More Revives in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a popular augmented reality game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. In this game, players can catch, train, and battle with virtual creatures called Pokemon. One essential item for successful battles is the revive, which restores a fainted Pokemon back to full health. However, revives can sometimes be scarce, leaving players frustrated and unable to continue their battles. In this article, we will explore effective strategies to help you get more revives in Pokemon Go.

1. Visit PokeStops

PokeStops are real-world locations where players can collect items such as Pokeballs, potions, and revives. Visiting PokeStops regularly is a great way to increase your chances of obtaining revives. Make it a habit to visit PokeStops whenever you’re out and about, as they often replenish their items every few minutes. By spinning the PokeStop disc, you have a chance to receive revives as part of your loot.

2. Participate in Raids

Raids are cooperative battles against powerful Pokemon that appear at gyms. Participating in raids not only provides an opportunity to catch rare Pokemon but also rewards players with various items, including revives. By joining raid battles, you can increase your chances of obtaining revives as a reward. Keep an eye on nearby gyms for raid notifications and gather a group of fellow trainers to take on these challenging battles.

3. Battle in Gyms

Battling in gyms is a fundamental aspect of Pokemon Go, and it can also be a source of revives. When you defeat a gym defender, you have a chance to receive revives as a reward. The higher the gym’s level, the better the rewards, including revives. Engage in gym battles regularly to increase your chances of obtaining revives and other valuable items.

4. Complete Field Research Tasks

Field research tasks are objectives that players can complete to earn rewards. These tasks can be found at PokeStops and often involve catching specific Pokemon, winning battles, or visiting certain locations. By completing field research tasks, you can earn revives as part of your rewards. Make sure to check the available tasks at PokeStops and focus on those that offer revives as a reward.

5. Purchase Revives from the Shop

If you’re in urgent need of revives and have some spare PokeCoins, you can purchase revives from the in-game shop. PokeCoins can be obtained by either purchasing them with real money or by defending gyms and earning them as a reward. While this option may require some investment, it can be a quick and reliable way to replenish your revive stock.

6. Maximize Your Buddy Pokemon’s Affection

In Pokemon Go, players can assign a buddy Pokemon that accompanies them on their adventures. By walking a certain distance with your buddy, you can increase its affection level. When your buddy reaches a high enough affection level, it may occasionally bring you gifts, including revives. Make sure to walk with your buddy regularly to maximize your chances of receiving revives as gifts.

7. Participate in Events

Pokemon Go frequently hosts events that offer various bonuses and rewards to players. These events often include increased item drops, including revives. Keep an eye on the official Pokemon Go website or social media channels to stay updated on upcoming events. By participating in these events, you can take advantage of the increased chances of obtaining revives.


Getting more revives in Pokemon Go is crucial for successful battles and progression in the game. By visiting PokeStops, participating in raids and gym battles, completing field research tasks, purchasing revives from the shop, maximizing your buddy Pokemon’s affection, and participating in events, you can significantly increase your chances of obtaining revives. Remember to make regular visits to PokeStops, join raid battles, engage in gym battles, focus on revives in field research tasks, consider purchasing revives when needed, walk with your buddy Pokemon, and take advantage of events. With these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to revive your fainted Pokemon and continue your journey to become a Pokemon master.

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