How to Get More Potions in Pokemon Go

How to Get More Potions in Pokemon Go

How to Get More Potions in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a popular augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm since its release in 2016. In the game, players are tasked with capturing and training virtual creatures called Pokemon. As players progress in the game, they often find themselves in need of potions to heal their Pokemon after battles. In this article, we will explore various strategies and tips to help players get more potions in Pokemon Go.

1. Visit PokeStops

PokeStops are real-world locations where players can collect items such as Pokeballs, eggs, and potions. Visiting PokeStops is one of the most effective ways to obtain potions in Pokemon Go. To find PokeStops, simply look for blue icons on your in-game map. Once you’re near a PokeStop, spin the photo disc to collect items, including potions.

2. Battle in Gyms

Gyms are special locations in Pokemon Go where players can battle against other players’ Pokemon. Winning battles in gyms can reward players with various items, including potions. By actively participating in gym battles and defeating opponents, players can increase their chances of obtaining potions as rewards.

3. Level Up Your Trainer

As you progress in the game and earn experience points, your trainer level increases. With each level gained, you unlock various rewards, including potions. By focusing on leveling up your trainer, you can increase your chances of receiving potions as you progress through the game.

4. Complete Research Tasks

Research tasks are special quests that players can complete to earn rewards. These tasks often involve catching specific Pokemon or participating in battles. By completing research tasks, players can earn potions as rewards, helping them replenish their stock of healing items.

5. Participate in Raid Battles

Raid battles are cooperative battles against powerful Pokemon that appear at gyms. By participating in raid battles and defeating the raid boss, players can earn rewards, including potions. Raid battles are a great way to not only obtain potions but also to collaborate with other players and strengthen your Pokemon team.

6. Purchase Potions from the in-game Shop

If you’re in urgent need of potions and don’t have the time to collect them through gameplay, you can purchase potions from the in-game shop using PokeCoins. PokeCoins can be obtained by either purchasing them with real money or by defending gyms and earning them as rewards. While this option may require spending real money, it can be a quick way to replenish your potion supply.

7. Utilize Buddy Pokemon

In Pokemon Go, players can assign a Buddy Pokemon, which accompanies them on their journey. By walking a certain distance with your Buddy Pokemon, you can earn candy for that specific Pokemon. Some Buddy Pokemon have the ability to find items, including potions, while walking with them. Utilize this feature to increase your chances of obtaining potions during your gameplay.

8. Participate in Events

Pokemon Go frequently hosts in-game events that offer various bonuses and rewards to players. These events often include increased item drops, including potions. By actively participating in events, players can take advantage of the increased chances of obtaining potions and other valuable items.


Getting more potions in Pokemon Go is essential for players to keep their Pokemon healthy and ready for battles. By visiting PokeStops, battling in gyms, leveling up your trainer, completing research tasks, participating in raid battles, purchasing potions from the in-game shop, utilizing Buddy Pokemon, and participating in events, players can increase their chances of obtaining potions. Remember to strategize and prioritize your gameplay to ensure a steady supply of potions for your Pokemon. Now, go out there and catch ’em all!

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