Can You Capture Bulbasaur in Pokemon Mega Light Platinum?

Can You Capture Bulbasaur in Pokemon Mega Light Platinum?

The short answer is Yes!

Many of the main series games have offered the same starting Pokémon from Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 3, and Generation 5. When it comes to picking from professors, you’re left with only one choice, so which one are you going to choose? This guide is here to help you better understand what’s positive and maybe terrible about each potential stager.

Professor Jasmine

A Professor: Indeed, during the brief scene in which the Professor tells of the mysteries of Alpha, Team Steam is working together, Team Steamburger blows into a gasket. When she hands you a range of Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and the rest of the bunch, you are confused.


It would be one of the OU’s most safe OU-competitive options for Battle Sim participants to choose in battles. He is Oxford because of you! its physical and special-attack pool does complement Charizard’s combat abilities, allowing him to be a powerful combatant. He will be able to KO several Pokémon just by looking at them, and it will be an easy win for his side. Charmander would really be one of the Pokémon you won’t regret if you want to evolve it. Charizard’s only drawback is its susceptibility to Water and Rock steps, so be cautious about them, but there is also little threat to Electric and Ground types.


It’s a hard time to decide on a good starter Pokémon, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a perfect one. Charmander who knows that is known to transform into the great fire-breathing dragon isn’t going up against him was no surprise. While it is the final development of the Tiny Turtle, it doesn’t fulfill the water form role completely, so I’ll use him for various roles rather than have him evolve more. Also, some Water-STABU Pokémon support a lot, but there are definitely better ones out there (cough! That is, if you were using Swampert, that’s the utmost of everything I can say). Squirtle is a fire Pokémon if it’s reliable. Blastoise, on the other hand, doesn’t have a lot of offensive power but has a good defensive synergy. teach him Toxic Transcendence and Dependence, and he’ll be perfect for targets during the Expansion phase The security provided by Leftovers and slower Pokémon works wonders on the foe. Blastoise has no longer has an HM move that it does not know by heart, but it doesn’t need to use an additional Pokémon to stand by for that.


After giving cards a reputation as a D+, players claim that Fraxen has had a difficult time in Fire and Leafy. Well, he did make the first 4 of these gyms easier, but where was he for the 5th one that was more difficult (Blaine, the 5th Gym)? It received a noticeable bump with the move Ability Chlorophyll, allowing it to move 2.5x faster in sunny weather, doubling its speed in the day. How Happy Does Your Pikachu Need to Be to Get Bulbasaur? Though Venusaur has some good attack combos, he doesn’t have Chlorophyll, which means he would be noticeably slower than other Pokémon without it. If you can land an attack, do as much harm as possible before the enemy heroes react to it; if you can’t, you need to hit fast and then defend yourself. Bulbasaur can’t do well in this kind of environment.

Professor Oak

After getting your Pokedex, you must talk to Professor Oak for the first time in order to get three Pokémon from the second generation.


Since it is one of the earlier Pokémon in the process of evolving, Quilava will reach that milestone a year later on. If he lets out enough of his energy, he can look very rapidly enlarge, as if he’s breathing a light nuke! As with Typhlosion, its overall stats, the defensive and special defense stats are good, and there aren’t that many to detract from it. His 50 percent expansion move can give a +1 boost to his STAB moves when he’s low, which makes him extremely powerful in one-on-one fights. Typhlphlosion has no impressive of a means of defense, bringing him down is actually simple Typhogenic would then have an attack-expanding the entire attacking towards you would be enough to have KO’d by you, because in that case, if Typhlosion were to maintain red HP, he would become OHKO Reducing Pokémon’s rising in HP has little to do with how strong they are. It is just a precaution because once they are going to collapse and the temperature will rise.


There’s no question that Feraligar evolves into the final stage of Totodile, but it is a very unique type of Water-type Pokémon. The physical aspect of Figat’s play is highly useful against teams that it can easily sweep; it has a high strike, and it can take down anyone with one blow. More than anything, it will protect its own body, and less than anything, it will dodge strikes. At that point, by then, he could have removed most of your Pokémon from the game with one hit. Feraligat might be great as a physical sweeper, but he’s only one of many, on the squad, and all that can be said for him is that he is unique.


While Meganium is not horrible, it is fairly lacking in useful strategies compared to others. Though its defense is exceptional, it is not the best of all Grass-types, as it was knocked out in one hit by a few Electric-types In battle, a powerful Pokémon like Meganium is great to have as a supporter, as someone who can take on many jobs as well. Its moves like Reflect and Synthesis and its strong defensive typing often provide opportunities to help the rest of the team. This isn’t difficult to comprehend, so much as it is to understand why

Professor Elm

After knocking down the blocking the tree that was shading the cave in the in, the Combee ceased to interfere with our team’s activities

Additionally, if you have spoken to Professor Elm on the upper floor of Inhale University, you would be able to pick 3 possible Pokémon for your team from Gen III. Checking if a Pokemon is Shiny.


After the Fire-Type Pokémon has evolved, the smaller bird Pokémon is capable of unleashing its full force. By the time you get to Infernape, Blaziken would already have been outclassed. On your side, he has strong attacking stats and quick movement, making him well suited for the role of a special sweeper like that. As if it has been commonplace for Infernape to overpower Blaziken, this doesn’t stature is no less important. There is no absolute need to have Blaziken in the deck. And if you want to use War- and Dark forms, it would be easier to get a firm that you aren’t likely to encounter instead.


As an extension to every good squad, Mudkip is a welcomed member.

It focuses on correcting the other kinds of the skill in order to eliminate the shortcomings it may naturally have (Water cancels out the Water and Ice weakness Ground would have, Ground cancels out the Electric weakness Water would have). If we add to the factors that lengthen Swampert’s lifespan in combat and ensure its survival, we will see the length of battle matches the vitality of the Pokémon’s potential. another thing is that Swampert has the ability to learn several moves, which opens it up to being a source of STAB, which also The combination of Surf, Waterfall, and Earthquake cover a lot of Ground-, Water-, and Water-types as well as taking down Pokémon of the same level who have normal or fighting type strengths. Grass and Dragon types are particularly well-covered by the Ice Beam, in this instance. Likely HP and strong skills as well as the fact that Swampert has a broad range of applications make Swampert a decent overall good Pokémon. For the same reason that Grass-type Pokémon are particularly susceptible to 4x weakness, be on the lookout!


Sceptile has exceptional speed, which means it is very quick and iffy, or at least it can take severe damage in hopes of OHKO until it is in the red zone. In terms of offensive stats, Sceptile is fairly decent, but it has no noteworthy properties. Something else that you can bear in mind is that Sceptile doesn’t have the best step pool in this series. Pretty much it’s just about the leaves here, there only leaves. It’s true that you may—Giga Drain and Toxic, of course, can be used in prolonged fights if you choose to move on to a Pokémon such as Sceptile. Shaking hands is also has the additional purpose of teaching the Dragon Claw, as it has many offensive capabilities as well as well as defensive applications. Personally, it was not a really interesting idea, but not all that inspiring.

Professor Rowan

You’ll One of the things people talking about him claims that he is now situated in the dining room of Snowce City. converse with him and you and you will have 3 of your most-number 4th generation Pokémon to pick from.


While this Pokémon has very high special attributes, it is very dangerous if it battles infernape. His excellent offensive and special attacking capabilities alongside his powerful STAB moves grant him multiple OHKO capabilities. That is a reality all of its own. However, the thing that really hampers Infernape is his horrible defensive power. He’d be good with his increased bulk, but you can make the most of it by using other offensive forms.


It is a good defensive Pokémon to have on your squad with eleven resistances and one immunity and with decent defense and HP. If you want him to have a better running ability, you definitely do not want him to have either a well-rounded special attack stat or be without any special attacks. As all good Pokémon, he has a great physical move pool that is really, which allows him to use moves less often than normal. again, it is not necessary to obtain an Empoleon as a quality card, but it is an optional


The castle of Turt—for Terra, the living This is pretty much the whole definition. Torterra has a powerful defense that can’t be matched, allowing it to expand very broadly. But on the other hand, his lack of speed is compensated by certain positives. Because Torterra has such a 4x vulnerability to Ice, he is heavily impacted by this. His weakness to fire is minimal; he is easy to burn because of it (Earthquake). Torterra adds a bulky Pokémon to your squad even though he is sluggish, and gives your team a means of instantly OHKOing bulkier opponents.

Professor Ellie

After you defeat the Zyans, you will go on to the other regions of the Kingdom of Coins to the east. if you come to the desert region you will find Professor Ellie, your friend Professor Jasmine will be there. You’ll get to name a new Pokémon from Gen V’s 3 and use it in her team if you invite her to take you into her lab.


Emboar is just a form of firefighting, like Blaziken and Infernape. Emboar has fallen behind in terms of both reputation and military power. The pool does not allow for many counters, and it is also very sluggish and has an unexpected defensive strength (should nest of rules be something grandiose and intimidating, wouldn’t you say?). To be, by the time you get to select your Emboarassing Pokémon, it should be at least level 60 already. But, to conclude, if you just want to get him to be on the same level as your team, you get to choose. They are not needed, since they’re inconsequential in the first place


We can see that Samurott is formidable, and just seems awesome. In any case, he has good offensive skills, but he’s slow. What he lacks in defensive skills, he makes up for in intelligence and energy, so he is best used as a bench player or to spell a starter when you don’t need them. With regard to the other starter water, though, the other kind is more versatile than the Samurott is.


Serper is most often seen in Pokémon breeding, but when you’re stuck with Eevee he is probably the better of the two choices because he is easier to train. This kind of grass has average speed and above-average defense, making it able to take a shot or do a respectable amount of damage before being knocked out. Serperipher may not have much of an offensive potential for movement, but they do have a decent block set of openings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Serper’s dream power, Disregard, is accessible. While Serper would certainly be worth the torture, it would be devastating to the faun if it was in fact possible to grind him into par. Whenever Serperior’s offensive and defensive capabilities are in opposite statuses are mutually improved, this attack boosts the attack of the latter.

If this helps when you’re thinking about what a starter course of action to take, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! This is but an introduction. This barely scratches the surface of what they are capable of. you’ll complete this game in a much shorter time than you think if you’re prepared to use Pokémon carefully

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