Bringing Pokémon Into Your D&D Game

Bringing Pokémon Into Your D&D Game

I was sitting in my bed, playing Pokémon Blue until I was 4th when I was one of my earliest memories of being in love with a game that is unhealthy (as I am with D&D now). I can’t stop knowing that I should do better things with my time, including sleeping. I believe my first descent was fascinated with game design and “RPG” mechanics. I’ve seen myself visiting those older days, activating my Nintendo Switch late in the night when my bridegroom is sleeping, trying to catch more Pokémon whenever I can find time after Pokémon Sword & Shield launched this past month.

Of course, I took some time to explore those areas where Pokémon and D&D overlap and see how to put together two of my favorite games.

The idea is now, of course: How can you play Pokémon with the 5e rules? Well, this option is available and it’s pretty good. U/JaggedSun has developed a supplement for you to use rules based on a 5th edition Pokémon game, with Trainer Class choices and stat blocks of all Gen 1, 2, and 3 Pokémon!


Pokémon 5e is very different from any D&D game previously played. Your PC is no longer a powerhouse with a host of dangerous spells and lethal weapons. You are now a Pokémon trainer, a death with an iron fist or a tender spirit, who controls your Pokémon. As a result, player characters have usual abilities and skills, but you don’t concentrate on hand fighting. Indeed, combating trainers vs. coaches vs. Pokémon is strictly forbidden by statute. Your ability to remain in the game depends on the Pokémon status in your game. While the death threat is still very real, the fighting and the use of the game is mainly transferred to your Pokémon.

There are rules to capture Pokemon, take care of Pokemon, fight Pokemon, level and even convert all Pokemon you know about. There are moving lists, feats, statistical blocks and everything that you can suspect. It’s also got its own /r/pokemon5e subreddit.

It’s very good done. If you want to take Pokémon to your 5th game, this is definitely the sharpest way. This will allow you to play through a whole Pokémon catching and training campaign, just as you would during the games.

If this isn’t your thing, it’s all right too. There are definitely more nuanced ways to get Pokémon on your table or just add some Pokémon flavor to your D&D game!

Maybe you just want to drop some of your favorite Pokémon-inspired monsters. Simple enough to do that. I did it. I did it.

You already put u/caniswolfman24 in your leg by making monster stat blocks for all 151 Kanto region Pokémon. Here you can see the whole Kanto Region Monster Handbook/Pokedex. Note: those Pokémon have no alignment and no bad Pokémon exists. Just poor coaches.

Alexander Vigna has also developed his own Pokémon bestiary, only the latter focused on Pokémon fusions. What is a fusion of Pokémon? Ok, they are the creatures you are getting together when you cross two random Pokémon, like a Cubone crossed with Alakazam. As appalling as the results can seem, they are great D&D monsters, and every one of them is even generated lore. Here you can search them.

I think that one of my favorite ways of putting Pokémon into D&D games is through objects. I dabbled before in a couple of magical things based on Pokémon and it works insanely well. Each Pokémon’s unique and fascinating taste is unique in that it carries your player the same taste and sensation when converted into a magic object.

Check out @rebusalpa on Instagram if you want inspiration. Rico has been building individual weapons for a very long time, inspired by any existing Pokémon. You should see his art and see if you are inspired to make an incredible magic weapon for your game.

If you don’t want to put the stats in the leg, u/RHunterGN will help. Each Pokémon (such as Sun and Moon) has been transformed into a magical object, as well as some of the items from the games. He is presently upgrading his armory with new pieces based on Sword and Shield, so make sure you follow Reddit so that when it is over, you can see the new ones. Check out what he’s done here so far.

If you are a Pokémon fan, your brain is likely to bathe with ideas about how to apply them in your game right now. No matter what degree of dedication or how subtle or straightforward you want to be about your Pokémon 5th game, these things can flow into your creative juices. Often creativity is poor and you can’t think of interesting new things for your players or new monsters. If you want to be the best, because nobody has ever been, bookmark this page later. In these Pokémon 5e conversions you can find plenty of inspiration.

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