Where to Find Gible in Pokemon Violet

Where to Find Gible in Pokemon Violet

Where to Find Gible in Pokemon Violet

Pokemon Violet is the latest installment in the beloved Pokemon franchise, and players are eager to catch all the new Pokemon introduced in this game. One highly sought-after Pokemon is Gible, a Dragon/Ground type Pokemon known for its powerful moves and unique design. In this article, we will explore where to find Gible in Pokemon Violet, providing valuable insights and tips for players to successfully add this rare Pokemon to their team.

1. Gible’s Habitat

Gible can be found in specific locations within the game, and understanding its habitat is crucial for players who want to catch it. In Pokemon Violet, Gible is primarily found in the Dragon’s Den, a hidden cave located in the eastern part of the game’s map. The Dragon’s Den is known for its challenging puzzles and powerful Dragon-type Pokemon, making it an ideal location for players to encounter Gible.

2. Time of Day

Another important factor to consider when searching for Gible is the time of day. Gible is a nocturnal Pokemon, which means it is more active during the night. Players have a higher chance of encountering Gible in the Dragon’s Den during the evening and nighttime hours. It is recommended to visit the Dragon’s Den after sunset to increase the likelihood of finding Gible.

3. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can also influence the appearance of certain Pokemon, including Gible. In Pokemon Violet, Gible is more likely to appear during sandstorms. Sandstorms can be triggered by using specific moves or abilities, or they may occur naturally in certain areas of the game. Players should keep an eye out for sandstorms in the Dragon’s Den, as they significantly increase the chances of encountering Gible.

4. Using Lure Modules

Lure Modules are valuable items that can attract rare Pokemon to a specific location. In Pokemon Violet, players can use a Lure Module in the Dragon’s Den to increase the chances of encountering Gible. Lure Modules can be obtained through various in-game activities or purchased from the in-game store. By strategically using a Lure Module in the Dragon’s Den, players can significantly improve their odds of finding Gible.

5. Patience and Persistence

While knowing the specific location, time of day, and weather conditions can increase the likelihood of finding Gible, it is important to remember that catching rare Pokemon requires patience and persistence. Gible is a rare Pokemon, and players may need to spend some time exploring the Dragon’s Den and encountering other Pokemon before finally encountering Gible. It is crucial to remain determined and keep searching until Gible appears.


Finding Gible in Pokemon Violet can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By understanding its habitat, time of day, and weather conditions, players can increase their chances of encountering this rare Pokemon. Using Lure Modules and maintaining patience and persistence are also key factors in successfully catching Gible. So, grab your Pokeballs and head to the Dragon’s Den to embark on an exciting adventure to catch Gible and add it to your Pokemon team!

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