What Beats Poison Type Pokemon

What Beats Poison Type Pokemon

What Beats Poison Type Pokemon

Pokemon battles are all about strategy and knowing your opponent’s weaknesses. One type that often poses a challenge for trainers is the Poison type. Poison type Pokemon are known for their toxic moves and abilities, making them formidable opponents. However, with the right knowledge and tactics, you can overcome these poisonous adversaries. In this article, we will explore the various ways to counter Poison type Pokemon and emerge victorious in battles.

Understanding Poison Type Pokemon

Before we delve into countering Poison type Pokemon, let’s first understand their strengths and weaknesses. Poison type Pokemon are immune to poisoning and have a high resistance to Grass type moves. They are also resistant to Fighting and Poison type moves. On the other hand, they are weak against Ground and Psychic type moves. Knowing these weaknesses is crucial in formulating an effective battle strategy.

Countering Poison Type Pokemon

1. Ground Type Pokemon: Ground type Pokemon have a significant advantage against Poison types. Ground type moves, such as Earthquake and Dig, are super effective against Poison types, dealing double damage. Ground type Pokemon, like Garchomp and Excadrill, can easily overpower Poison type opponents.

2. Psychic Type Pokemon: Psychic type Pokemon are another great choice when facing Poison types. Psychic type moves, such as Psychic and Psybeam, are super effective against Poison types. Pokemon like Alakazam and Espeon can use their psychic powers to outsmart and defeat Poison type opponents.

3. Steel Type Pokemon: Steel type Pokemon are resistant to Poison type moves, making them a solid choice for countering Poison types. Steel type moves, such as Iron Tail and Flash Cannon, can deal significant damage to Poison type Pokemon. Pokemon like Metagross and Steelix can withstand Poison type attacks and retaliate with their steel-based moves.

4. Ground and Psychic Dual Type Pokemon: Pokemon that have both Ground and Psychic typing, such as Claydol and Golurk, have a double advantage against Poison types. They can utilize both Ground and Psychic type moves to deal massive damage to Poison type opponents.

Effective Moves and Abilities

Aside from using Pokemon with advantageous typings, it’s also important to consider the moves and abilities that can be effective against Poison type Pokemon. Here are some notable examples:

  • Earthquake: This Ground type move is a staple in countering Poison types. It has high power and accuracy, making it a reliable choice.
  • Psychic: A powerful Psychic type move that can deal heavy damage to Poison types.
  • Flash Fire: This ability, possessed by Pokemon like Arcanine and Chandelure, grants immunity to Fire type moves and boosts the power of their own Fire type moves. This can be advantageous against Poison types that often carry Poison or Grass type moves.
  • Levitate: Pokemon with the Levitate ability, such as Gengar and Flygon, are immune to Ground type moves. This can be useful when facing Ground type moves commonly used against Poison types.

Case Study: Countering Poison Type Gym Leader

Let’s take a look at a case study to illustrate the effectiveness of countering Poison type Pokemon. In the popular Pokemon game series, there is a Poison type Gym Leader named Koga. Koga is known for his strong Poison type Pokemon, including his signature Pokemon, Crobat.

To defeat Koga, trainers often employ a combination of Ground and Psychic type Pokemon. Ground type moves like Earthquake can deal heavy damage to Koga’s Poison types, while Psychic type moves can exploit their weakness. Pokemon like Alakazam and Garchomp are commonly used to counter Koga’s team.

By utilizing the strengths of Ground and Psychic type Pokemon, trainers can overcome Koga’s Poison type team and earn the coveted Gym Badge.


Countering Poison type Pokemon requires a strategic approach and knowledge of their weaknesses. Ground type Pokemon, Psychic type Pokemon, and Steel type Pokemon are all effective choices when facing Poison types. Moves like Earthquake and Psychic, as well as abilities like Flash Fire and Levitate, can give trainers an edge in battles. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Poison type Pokemon and utilizing the right tactics, trainers can emerge victorious in battles against these toxic opponents.

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