How to Check Ivs Pokemon Sword

How to Check Ivs Pokemon Sword

How to Check IVs in Pokémon Sword: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a Pokémon Sword player looking to optimize your team’s potential? One crucial aspect of building a strong team is understanding Individual Values (IVs). IVs determine a Pokémon’s inherent strengths and weaknesses, making them a vital consideration for competitive battles. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to check IVs in Pokémon Sword, along with valuable insights and tips to help you maximize your team’s potential.

Understanding Individual Values (IVs)

Before we dive into the process of checking IVs, let’s first understand what IVs are and why they matter. IVs are hidden values that determine a Pokémon’s potential in various stats, such as HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Each stat can have an IV ranging from 0 to 31, with a higher IV indicating a higher potential in that particular stat.

IVs are randomly assigned to each Pokémon when they are encountered or hatched from an egg. They cannot be changed or improved through training, making them a fixed attribute of each Pokémon. By checking IVs, trainers can identify which stats their Pokémon excel in and strategize accordingly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Checking IVs

Now that we have a basic understanding of IVs, let’s explore the step-by-step process of checking IVs in Pokémon Sword:

Step 1: Unlock the IV Checker

To check IVs, you need to unlock the IV Checker feature in the game. This can be done by progressing through the main story and reaching the Battle Tower in Wyndon. Once you’ve reached the Battle Tower, head to the Pokémon Center and speak to the NPC on the left side of the counter. They will unlock the IV Checker for you.

Step 2: Access the IV Checker

After unlocking the IV Checker, head to your Pokémon Box in the Pokémon Center. Select the Pokémon you want to check and press the “+” button to access the summary screen. On the summary screen, you will find the IV Checker option at the bottom right corner. Select it to proceed.

Step 3: Interpret the IV Judge’s Evaluation

Once you’ve accessed the IV Checker, a character known as the IV Judge will evaluate your Pokémon’s IVs. The IV Judge will provide you with a general evaluation of your Pokémon’s IVs for each stat. The evaluation will be in the form of phrases that indicate the range of IVs for each stat.

For example, if the IV Judge says, “Its stats are decent all around,” it means that the Pokémon has IVs ranging from 0 to 15 in all stats. On the other hand, if the IV Judge says, “Its stats are fantastic!,” it indicates that the Pokémon has at least one perfect IV (31) in a particular stat.

Step 4: Determine the Exact IV Values

To determine the exact IV values of your Pokémon, you can use an online IV calculator or a Pokémon IV calculator app. These tools require you to input additional information, such as the Pokémon’s level, nature, and current stats, to accurately calculate the IVs.

By inputting the necessary information, the IV calculator will provide you with the exact IV values for each stat. This information will help you understand your Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses better and allow you to make informed decisions when it comes to training, breeding, and team composition.

Tips for Maximizing IV Potential

Now that you know how to check IVs, here are some tips to help you maximize your Pokémon’s IV potential:

  • Breed Pokémon: Breeding Pokémon allows you to pass down IVs from the parent Pokémon to the offspring. By selectively breeding Pokémon with high IVs, you can gradually improve the overall IV potential of your team.
  • Hyper Training: In Pokémon Sword, you can use Bottle Caps to hyper train your Pokémon. Hyper Training allows you to maximize a Pokémon’s IVs to their maximum value of 31, even if their original IVs were lower. This is a useful option for Pokémon with desirable characteristics in terms of nature and ability.
  • Competitive Battling: Understanding your Pokémon’s IVs is crucial for competitive battling. By identifying your Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses, you can optimize their movesets, EV training, and team composition to gain an edge in battles.


Checking IVs in Pokémon Sword is a vital step towards building a strong and competitive team. By understanding your Pokémon’s IVs, you can make informed decisions regarding training, breeding, and team composition. Unlock the IV Checker, access it through the Pokémon Box, and interpret the IV Judge’s evaluation to get a general idea of your Pokémon’s IVs. To determine the exact IV values, use online IV calculators or Pokémon IV calculator apps. Remember to breed Pokémon and utilize hyper training to maximize your team’s IV potential. With these insights and tips, you’ll be well-equipped to take your Pokémon Sword team to new heights!

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