How Does Pokemon Home Work

How Does Pokemon Home Work

How Does Pokemon Home Work?

Pokemon Home is a cloud-based service that allows players to store, trade, and transfer their Pokemon across different games and devices. It was launched in February 2020 by The Pokemon Company as a successor to the previous storage system, Pokemon Bank. With Pokemon Home, trainers can easily manage their Pokemon collection and bring their favorite creatures from older games into the latest titles. In this article, we will explore how Pokemon Home works and the benefits it offers to Pokemon enthusiasts.

1. Getting Started with Pokemon Home

To begin using Pokemon Home, players need to download the app on their Nintendo Switch, iOS, or Android devices. The app is available for free, but there is also a premium subscription plan called Pokemon Home Premium that offers additional features. Once the app is installed, users can create an account and link it to their Nintendo Account.

2. Transferring Pokemon

One of the main features of Pokemon Home is the ability to transfer Pokemon from various games to a central storage system. Currently, Pokemon Home supports transfers from Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, Pokemon Bank, and Pokemon GO. Trainers can transfer their Pokemon from these games into Pokemon Home and vice versa.

Transferring Pokemon from older games like Pokemon Bank requires a paid subscription to Pokemon Home Premium. However, players can transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee for free. It’s important to note that once a Pokemon is transferred to Pokemon Home, it cannot be sent back to its original game.

3. Wonder Box, GTS, and Room Trade

Pokemon Home offers several features to facilitate trading and exchanging Pokemon with other players. The Wonder Box allows trainers to deposit a Pokemon and receive a random Pokemon in return. This feature is a great way to discover new Pokemon and complete your Pokedex.

The Global Trade System (GTS) enables trainers to search for specific Pokemon they want and offer their own Pokemon in exchange. Trainers can set their desired Pokemon, level, and other criteria to find suitable trade offers from other players around the world.

Room Trade is a feature that allows trainers to create a room and invite up to 20 people to trade Pokemon. Each participant selects a Pokemon to offer, and the game randomly assigns a Pokemon from the pool of participants. This feature encourages social interaction and trading among friends or other Pokemon enthusiasts.

4. Judge Function and National Pokedex

Pokemon Home includes a Judge function that provides detailed information about a Pokemon’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Trainers can use this feature to assess the potential of their Pokemon for battles and competitions. The Judge function evaluates various aspects of a Pokemon, such as its IVs (Individual Values), nature, and potential.

Additionally, Pokemon Home features a National Pokedex that allows trainers to keep track of all the Pokemon they have encountered and caught across different games. The National Pokedex provides a comprehensive overview of a trainer’s Pokemon collection and serves as a valuable tool for completionists.

5. Trading with Friends and Wonder Box Surprise

Trainers can connect with friends and trade Pokemon directly through Pokemon Home. By adding friends to their friend list, trainers can initiate trades and exchange Pokemon with ease. This feature is particularly useful for completing version-exclusive Pokedex entries or obtaining rare Pokemon from friends.

The Wonder Box Surprise is an exciting feature that allows trainers to receive surprise Pokemon from other players around the world. By depositing a Pokemon in the Wonder Box, trainers can receive unexpected Pokemon in return. This feature adds an element of surprise and excitement to the trading experience.

6. Pokemon Home Premium

Pokemon Home offers a premium subscription plan called Pokemon Home Premium. This subscription provides additional benefits and features, including the ability to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Bank, access to the Judge function, and the ability to host Room Trades. Pokemon Home Premium is available as a monthly or yearly subscription, offering flexibility to trainers who want to enhance their Pokemon Home experience.


Pokemon Home is a powerful tool for Pokemon trainers, allowing them to store, trade, and transfer their Pokemon across different games and devices. With features like Wonder Box, GTS, and Room Trade, trainers can easily connect with other players and expand their Pokemon collection. The Judge function and National Pokedex provide valuable insights into a trainer’s Pokemon, while the premium subscription plan, Pokemon Home Premium, offers additional benefits for dedicated trainers. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive battler, Pokemon Home is an essential companion for all Pokemon enthusiasts.

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