How big is a Pokemon card in MM?

How big is a Pokemon card in MM?

How Big is a Pokemon Card in MM?

Pokemon cards have been a popular collectible item for decades, captivating both children and adults alike. These cards feature various Pokemon characters and are often traded, bought, and sold among enthusiasts. One common question that arises among collectors is the size of a Pokemon card in millimeters (mm). In this article, we will explore the dimensions of a standard Pokemon card, delve into the importance of card size, and provide valuable insights for collectors.

The Standard Size of a Pokemon Card

A standard Pokemon card measures approximately 63mm in width and 88mm in height. These dimensions are consistent across most Pokemon card sets, ensuring uniformity and compatibility among different cards. The size of a Pokemon card is designed to fit comfortably in card sleeves, binders, and other storage options commonly used by collectors.

It is worth noting that while the majority of Pokemon cards adhere to the standard size, there are exceptions. Some special edition or promotional cards may have different dimensions, often larger or smaller than the standard size. These variations are typically intended to make these cards stand out and add uniqueness to the collection.

The Importance of Card Size

The size of a Pokemon card may seem like a trivial detail, but it holds significant importance for collectors. Here are a few reasons why card size matters:

  • Compatibility: The standard size ensures that Pokemon cards can easily fit into card sleeves, binders, and other storage solutions commonly used by collectors. This allows for organized and efficient storage of the cards.
  • Consistency: Uniform card size across different sets ensures that cards from various collections can be displayed together without any size discrepancies. This consistency enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of a collection.
  • Protection: Card sleeves and other protective measures are essential for preserving the condition of Pokemon cards. The standard size ensures that collectors can easily find suitable protective accessories to safeguard their valuable cards.

Insights for Collectors

For collectors, understanding the size of a Pokemon card can be helpful in various aspects of their hobby. Here are a few insights to consider:

  • Storage Solutions: Knowing the standard card size allows collectors to choose appropriate storage solutions such as binders, card sleeves, or storage boxes. These options not only keep the cards organized but also protect them from damage.
  • Display Options: With the knowledge of card size, collectors can create visually appealing displays by arranging cards in a consistent and uniform manner. This can be particularly useful for showcasing rare or valuable cards.
  • Trading and Selling: When trading or selling Pokemon cards, it is essential to accurately describe the condition and size of the cards. Knowing the standard size allows collectors to provide accurate information to potential buyers or traders, ensuring transparency and trust in the transaction.


In conclusion, a standard Pokemon card measures approximately 63mm in width and 88mm in height. The uniform size of these cards ensures compatibility, consistency, and protection for collectors. Understanding the dimensions of a Pokemon card is valuable for choosing appropriate storage solutions, creating visually appealing displays, and accurately describing cards during trading or selling. By considering the size of a Pokemon card, collectors can enhance their overall experience and enjoyment of this beloved hobby.

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